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IMPORTANT-Ghost Recon Phantoms Promo Codes-All That Currently Work As Of Now

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Below Is A List Of Promo Codes I Have Tested Multiple Times On Several Accounts And Have Passed Along To Many Others, So Far I Have Had Very Few Complaints With Codes Not Working.I Know They Work In North America Servers, As I Said I Have Tested Them Multiple Times, I Think Most Of Time Its Where People Are Not Entering Them Correctly.

The Codes Below Once All Are Entered Should Give You About 9000 Coins(Not Gold) And About 65 Grenades Free.I Am Not A Pay To Win Player But I Do Take Advantage Of The Free Codes/Promos, Nothing Wrong With That.All The Codes Below Work 1 Time Per Account......


If You Just Want This For Looks LOL Like Me, Theres A Code For Head Gear.This Code Was Given Out So Beta Testers Could Get The Up To Date HeadGear.


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